Saturday, June 12, 2010

Now My Mom Knows

My mom showed up at my house today, completely unannounced and unexpected. In fact, I don't think my mom has come to visit since I moved out of her house. She's always been too busy with her job, it seems, to have time for me. So it was a little surprising to see her car coming down my driveway, especially considering that I was out in my front yard--naked--planting flowers in the garden.

I've never been shy about being a nudist. I don't go around talking about it all the time, but outside of work, most people I know have either seen me nude at one time or another or at least know about it. Since my mom always seemed to put her job before me, I've never really opened up to her about a lot of things, nudity included. Not only that, but growing up my mom was always extremely conservative--she'd often complain that my shorts were to short or my top too low and I'd always have to put clothes on over my bathing suit when going to swim at the neighbor's house, so I never really expected her to respond positively to knowing her daughter is a nudist.

So my mom drives up and gets out of the car and I walk over to greet her. I, of course, have nothing nearby to put on, not that I was (or ever am) ashamed of my nudity. "Hi, mom," I say.

"Well, I guess I see why you bought a house out in the middle of nowhere," is the first thing out of my mother's mouth. My house is rather secluded--it sits near the end of a dead-end street and is set back far from the road in a heavily wooded area. I'd be lying if I said that the ability to be naked in my front yard didn't play a little bit of a role in my selecting of this house. "Hehe," I reply, "I always do yard work in the nude. I hate having dirty, sweaty clothes on." "So do you shovel the snow in the buff, too?" my mom asked. "Only in the summer," I joked. My mom did not seem amused.

I guess my mom had to come out my way for some errand and decided to come find my place while she was in the area. Since it was almost dinner time, I said "let me just finish up here, then we should go grab a bite to eat. There's a great little Italian bistro in town that you'd love." I couldn't quite gauge if my mom was being funny or not when she asked "you will be wearing clothes to this restaurant, right?"

I finished planting my last few flowers and picked up and put away my tools. Then I invited my mom inside and, still naked, gave her the grand tour of my house. In my living room I have a collage frame full of pictures of me and some friends at the on a nude beach. As we were walking through, my mom noticed the frame and commented on it. "Mom," I finally said, "I'm a nudist. If you haven't already figured it out, I enjoy being nude." My mom said nothing.

After the tour, I offered my mom a drink and excused myself to go wash up and get dressed for dinner. Knowing my mom's conservative nature, but still wanting to tease her a bit, I decided that I would wear a longer-than-my-usual blue half-sleeve gause dress. The thin material left no questions to the fact that I did not have a bra on, but I knew that my I'd be leaving my mom wondering about what else I was (or wasn't--as was actually the case) wearing underneath.

I came back downstairs to find my mom looking again at my nudist photos. "Ready?" I asked and we got in the car.

During dinner we did a fair amount of catching up. Not a word was said at the restaurant about my lack of clothing earlier in the day. During dinner it started to pour, and the walk back to my car left us a soaked and caused my dress to leave a little less to the imagination than it already was--so much for being conservative. When we got back to my place, I invited my mom back in for a glass of wine. She accepted and even said "I'm sure you want to get undressed again, so don't feel you can't on account of me being here." I decided not to take her up on the offer, but I did address my feelings on nudity and why I choose to live the way I do. I even suggested that she try it some time, though I doubt she will. After the wine, my mom said she needed to get going. I told her that it was nice getting to talk again and she agreed.

I'm don't think my mom accepted the fact that I'm a nudist, but she was at least respectful of it. And, while I don't expect that we'll become best buds as a result of this impromptu meeting, at least we were able to overcome the initial awkwardness of the situation and bond--if only a tiny bit--as a mother and daughter.

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Benny said...

I don't think my mom would react so positively, she would probably disown me if she found out.